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Dennis Priestly
Dennis Priestley:
“I first started using Trident 180’s over 9 months ago when they were in the development phase. To be honest there is not much more to say than how beautifully simple and effective they are and you can see them on my darts when I’m lucky enough to get on TV.”

Mark Webster
Mark Webster:
“I used a set of the Trident 180’s whiles being fitted for my new darts by Winmau, normally I’m very fussy over add ons to my darts, but these made absolutely no difference to my eye line or grip, and worked a treat, if it makes the difference of only 1 dart in 1 game then that could be enough to win.”

Phill Nixon
Phill Nixon:
I tried them, I like them and I now use them.

Trina Gulliver
Trina Gulliver:
“I’ve always asked for Winmau to take the edge off my darts, and I understand that this is a very lengthy manufacturing process, so you can imagine how happy I was when these came along and solved the problem”.

Andy Fordham
Andy Fordham:
“I got sent a set of these in the post by Winmau and had no idea what they were? However, after a few minutes it soon became clear. Too be honest I didn’t even know they are there but my darts bounceout rate seems to be a little lower”.

Jamie Caven
Jamie Caven:
“ I’m a really techy when it comes to my darts and I love trying out as many new things as possible to help me score as best I can, and these little cones are superb, try them I think you’ll agree”.

Alan Tabern
Alan Tabern:
“As a darter I’m really fussy about my darts, the grip the feel the weight and I was very skeptical about these cones. However, I did persevere through once practice session and actually counted my bounceouts, I was proved wrong as I got less with Trident 180’s.”

Ashfaque Sayed
Ashfaque Sayed:
“India often misses the darts radar, so you can imagine how happy I was when Winmau sent me the Trident 180’s to try out, I love them as they really work and finish off the look of my darts”.

Dave Ladley
Dave Ladley:
“Wicked idea and I’m sure it saved me a match as I had a direct dart hit that I thought would bounce back and it went in, if only you could guarantee the triple 20 every time!!”

Emre Toros
Emre Toros:
“We love all things new for darts out in Turkey and these little cones are really cool.”

Tony Eccles
Tony Eccles:
“I was a little skeptical on the Trident 180’s right up until I actually got my hands on a set and tried them out, now they have a new home right at the end of my darts”.

Zoe Jones
Zoe Jones:
“My Darts have a very strong leading edge that often catches the other darts flight on the way in, not any more they’re wicked!!”

Mitchell Clegg
Mitchell Clegg:
“These little rippers get my 100% approval, as I use long points and always hit the flights on the way in”.

 Eliminates Dart-on-Flight Deflections
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